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Research Excellence Award 2009

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Pitchaon Maisuthisakul

  1. Antioxidant and tyrosinase inhibitory activity of mango seed kernel by product,
  2. Relationship between Antioxidant Properties and Chemical Composition of some Thai Plants,
  3. Enhancing the Oxidative Stability of Rice Crackers by Addition of the Ethanolic Extract of Phytochemicals from Cratoxylum Formosum Dyer,
  4. Antioxidant and Tyrosinase Inhibitory Activity of Mango Seed Kernel by Product,


Frederic Tournemaine

  1. Status Jobs, Human Capital and Growth: the effects of heterogeneity,
  2. Relative Consumption, Relative Wealth and Growth,
  3. Social Aspirations and Choice of Fertility: Why can Status Motive Reduce Per-capita Growth?,
  4. Why can an Environmental Policy Tax Promote Growth through the Channel of Education?,


Chainarong Buttapeng

  1. Numerical analysis of ablation plasma produced by pulsed ion beam for various solid targets,
  2. Ablation plasma characteristics of flyer acceleration using a multi-pulsed ion beam irradiation,
  3. Characteristics of plasma produced by MHD technology and its application to propulsion systems,
  4. Surface cleaning of metal wire by atmospheric pressure plasma,
  5. Acceleration Effect of Swirl Flow for Disk MHD Accelerator,


ทิพย์สุรางค์ วาทิตต์พันธุ์

  1. Access to Knowledge Difficulties  in Developing Countries: A Balanced Access to Copyrighted Works in the Digital Environment, International Review of Law Computers & Technology


Kanchana Chokriensukchai

  1. Educating Youth on Environment through TV: A Case Study of Thailand, The Asian Economy and Social Environment
  2. Global Warming: Media Information, Awareness, and Lifestyle Activities, Asian Social Science
  3. Thai Youths and Global Warming: Media Information, Awareness, and Lifestyle, Environmental Education and Communication