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Research Excellence Award 2008

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Frederic Tournemaine

1. Social Aspirations and Choice of Fertility: Why can Status Motive Reduce Per-capita Growth?

2. Relative Consumption, Relative Wealth and Growth

3. Why can an Environmental Policy Tax Promote Growth through the Channel of Education?

4.Status Jobs, Human Capital and Growth: the effects of heterogeneity

5.Growth and Size of the R&D Sector in a Model with Endogenous Fertility


 Pitchaon Maisuthisakul

1. Relationship between Antioxidant Properties and Chemical Composition of some Thai Plants

2. Enhancing the Oxidative Stability of Rice Crackers by Addition of the Ethanolic Extract of Phytochemicals from  

   Cratoxylum Formosum Dyer

3. Antioxidant and Tyrosinase Inhibitory Activity of Mango Seed Kernel by Product

4. Assessment of Phenolic Content and Free Radical-scavenging Capacity of some Thai Indigenous Plants


 Surapong Pinitglang                                                                       

1. Structure, Dynamics and Salvation of HIV-1 Protease/Saquinavir Complex in Aqueous Solution and their Contributions 

    to Drug Resistance: Molecular Dynamic Simulations

2. SID=R25N9CpAMNDdF4m1@F7&page=1&;doc=1&cacheurlFromRightClick=no">A Computational Analysis of SARS  

   Cysteine Proteinase-octapeptide Substrate Interaction: Implication for Structure and Active Site Binding Mechanism

3. SID=R25N9CpAMNDdF4m1@F7&page=1&;doc=2&cacheurlFromRightClick=no">Substrate-Binding Site of Family 11 

    Xylanase from Bacillus Firmus K-1 by Molecular Docking

4. Purification and characterization of two endoxylanases from an alkatiphilic Bacillus halodurans C-1


Chalermpong Kumvongsa

1. Effect of Interband Interaction on Isotope Effect Exponent of MgB2 Superconductors

2. H-c2 of Anisotropy Two-band Superconductors by Ginzburg-Landau Approach

3. Effect of Density of State on Isotope Effect Exponent of Two-band Superconductors

4. Investigate the Effect of Anisotropic Order Parameter on the Specific Heat of Anisotropic Two-band Superconductors


Kittisak Kerdarunsuksri

1. Malai Mongkhon: A Case of Postmodern Thai Theatre

2. Ramakian in Modern Performance: A Way to Cope With a Cultural Crisis

3. แลลึกในใจหญิง: การวิพากษ์สถานภาพตัวละครหญิงของวรรณคดีในละครเวที


Wanchai Chimchavee

1. Feasibility Study of Using Agriculture Waste as Desiccant for Air Conditioning System

2. Controlling Investigation of Thermoelectric Cooling System by Characteristics and Load Line Diagram

3. A New Application of Thermoelectric Modules as Sine Wave Temperature Generator

4. A New Approach Analysis of Thermoelectric Modules in Cooling Mode by Electro-thermal Model